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Drivers Standings 2021

Ash Sutton won the 2021 British Touring Car Championship, to become the youngest ever three-time BTCC Champion.

2021 BTCC Drivers Standings
1Ash Sutton357
2Colin Turkington306
3Josh Cook303
4Tom Ingram300
5Jake Hill295
6Gordon Shedden251
7Rory Butcher247
8Aiden Moffat230
9Dan Rowbottom222
10Senna Proctor206
11Dan Lloyd190
12Stephen Jelley174
13Adam Morgan161
14Jason Plato156
15Chris Smiley138
16Tom Oliphant129
17Jack Goff90
18Ollie Jackson77
19Tom Chilton64
20Aron Taylor-smith33
21Dan Cammish30
22Carl Boardley29
23Sam Osborne16
24Sam Smelt5
25Jack Butel4
26Jade Edwards1
27Jack Mitchell0
28Paul Rivett0
29Jessica Hawkins0
30Nicolas Hamilton0
31Nick Halstead0
32Andy Neate0
33Andy Wilmot0
34Rick Parfitt0
35Glynn Geddie0

Teams Standings 2021

2021 BTCC Teams Standings
1Laser Tools Racing588
2BTC Racing531
3Halfords Racing with Cataclean472
4Team BMW460
5Ginsters EXCELR8 with TradePriceCars.com445
6MB Motorsport accelerated by Blue Square384
7Adrian Flux with Power Maxed Racing362
8Toyota Gazoo Racing UK252
9Car Gods with Ciceley Motorsport242
10Team HARD. with Autobrite Direct94*
11Team HARD. with HUB Financial Solutions47
12Racing with Wera & Photon Group28
13EXCELR8 with TradePriceCars.com12
14PHSC with BTC Racing3
15ROKiT Racing with iQuoto Online Trading0

Independent Drivers Standings 2021

2021 BTCC Independent Drivers Standings
1Ash Sutton404
2Tom Ingram360
3Josh Cook350
4Aiden Moffat304
5Gordon Shedden302
6Dan Rowbottom293
7Dan Lloyd263
8Senna Proctor257
9Adam Morgan238
10Jason Plato238
11Chris Smiley220
12Jack Goff185
13Tom Chilton133
14Aron Taylor-smith120
15Carl Boardley94
16Jack Butel55
17Dan Cammish32
18Jade Edwards25
19Rick Parfitt23
20Jack Mitchell19
21Nicolas Hamilton10
22Andy Wilmot3
23Nick Halstead2
24Glynn Geddie0

Independent Teams Standings 2021

2021 BTCC Independent Teams Standings
1Laser Tools Racing483
2Halfords Racing with Cataclean435
3BTC Racing430
4Ginsters EXCELR8 with TradePriceCars.com428
5Adrian Flux with Power Maxed Racing377
6Car Gods with Ciceley Motorsport350
7Team HARD. with Autobrite Direct268*
8Team HARD. with HUB Financial Solutions247
9EXCELR8 with TradePriceCars.com224
10PHSC with BTC Racing163
11ROKiT Racing with iQuoto Online Trading132

* denotes penalty