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RWD Restricted for 2010

Sitting on the grid in a RWD car and you would be looking to gain about 2 or 3 places going into the first corner. Well that's going to be all change in 2010 as Alan Gow is set to force RWD cars to run a longer first gear to eliminate the RWD's start advantage.

Alan Gow told Autosport "We consider this to be a far better way to overcome the issue, rather than to introduce rolling starts and the potential accidents and problems they create." Jackson and GeorgeThis decision has had mixed feelings across the paddock, some of them more biased than others. Obviously the teams that run RWD cars aren't pleased with the decision. Our advantage is gone, but our disadvantage - in the damp - still remains, and yet our suggestion to have intermediate tyres was rejected," said Airwaves BMW boss David Bartrum.

However, Steve Neal of Team Dynamics, thinks that the RWD will remain dominant and the change isn't enough to bring the cars together. "It's too little, too late. We have no way of knowing how effective the mandatory first gear will be," said Neal.

In my opinion I think that the car's should just be kept how they are. Yes a RWD BMW won the 2009 title but the other two cars that were in with a chance of winning was a FWD Chevrolet and Vauxhall. 2009 showed great racing throughout and I feel that it should just be kept how it was. Only time will tell.

Article originally written on Thursday, 12 November 2009. Read more articles from the BTCC Crazy Archive.