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Jason Plato To Announce 2015 Plans Sooner Rather Than Later

Former double champion Jason Plato has confirmed he expects to announce his 2015 Dunlop MSA British Touring Car plans in the next three weeks.

Speaking to Henry Hope-Frost on the Autosport Stage, Plato admitted that he would ‘come to play once again’ in the series and that he has several interesting programmes to evaluate where he moves to after parting from Triple Eight Racing.

Plato said: “What’s that expression, until the money is in the bank we aren’t talking about it.

“I think I will be on the grid though, I’m working on a couple of very interesting programmes at the moment and I would imagine in the next three weeks we’ll choose a direction to go in and announce something.”

He continued: “This time is very interesting at the moment but it comes around in three-year cycles in terms of putting deals together.

“I love it though, I enjoy the pressure of piecing everything together. I don’t cook but it is like baking a cake to be honest.

“I’m still as motivated as ever, once the crash helmet is on and the door is shut, I’m at peace. It has never, ever been a chore to go and drive a racing car, I’m lucky to have had the career I’ve had and hopefully continue with.”

Article originally written on Thursday, 8 January 2015. Read more articles from the BTCC Crazy Archive.