Plato Announces KX Akademy Programme

It was announced today that KX Energy Drink are launching a brand-new Motorsport bursary programme to help drivers who are unable to secure the funding to continue their participation in motorsport.

The KX Akademy will support individuals who have already demonstrated their skill, determination and focus and display the raw talent which is needed in Motorsport but lack the necessary funding and support.

The scheme is a 3-year programme which will see six-drivers from both four and two-wheel backgrounds chosen from a 18-30 year old age range who show the talent and enthusiasm.

Jason Plato, who will be mentoring the programme said, “I will mentor the candidates, have regular close contact with them as well as see them race and work with them on their career progression. This is a fantastic opportunity that I only with had been available when I was struggling all those years ago.”

David Beardmore, Catering Buying Manager – Soft Drinks, Tesco commented, “KX Akademy is a really exciting initiative that is all about finding and supporting young people with raw talent who have also shown they are ready to work hard to achieve their goals.”

David went on to say, “The mentoring and support from Jason will be invaluable and we’re really looking forward to seeing the drivers and riders develop their skills under this innovative programme.”

Photo Credit: Pete Mainey

James Mappin

James Mappin is the editor-in-chief covering the British Touring Car Championship. You can contact him at, on twitter @BTCCCrazy or on his personal twitter account @jamesmappin.