Jeff Smith set for further treatment on injured shoulder

Jeff Smith is set to undergo surgery on his shoulder in early October as he continues his recovery from the injuries sustained in the multi-car qualifying incident at Croft in June.

The Eurotech Racing team boss was one of three drivers hospitalised in the crash, suffering multiple chest injuries, a concussion and damage to his left shoulder.

Whilst the nine broken ribs have since healed, nerve damage in his shoulder has proved to be the most serious of his injuries.

Having seen specialists recently, keyhole surgery has been planned for next month which will then give the 51-year-old an indication on when, and if, a full recovery from the injury will be possible.

“His nine broken ribs have now successfully healed themselves back together,” a statement on Eurotech Racing’s Facebook page read. Unfortunately his shoulder injury which is still rendering his left arm out of action is much more complex and has required this amount of time to assess how it would settle down.

“Jeff was referred to a nerve specialist in London who is reasonably confident that the nerve damage is slowly showing signs that it will heal on its own which is good news.

“Jeff’s shoulder consultant has been able to make a decision on the best way forward regarding the rest of the shoulder injuries and has now established that he will need to carry out keyhole surgery,”

“This is scheduled in for early October and afterwards will require 4 further weeks in a sling, then it is a matter of time for the damaged nerves to heal (an average of 1mm per day) before it will be clearer if and when a full recovery will be made.”

PHOTO CREDIT: Jakob Ebrey Photography