Jack Goff unsuccessful in appealing FP1 points penalty


Jack Goff has lost his appeal in relation to the collision that took place in the first free practice session at Donington Park this morning.

The MG Triple Eight Racing driver was adjudged to have instigated an incident with Hunter Abbott heading into the final chicane in the opening practice where subsequently contact was made and Abbott’s Audi caused a red flag stoppage.

Handed a reprimand and two points on his race licence, Goff and the team appealed the initial decision but that has since been confirmed as being unsuccessful.

Speaking to BTCC Crazy about the incident, Goff said: “I still don’t agree with the decision. We are told in the drivers briefing that if a car has his lights on then keep an eye in your mirrors and pull out of the way if you are warming your tyres up.

“I was on a quick lap and I believe Hunter was bedding in his tyres at the time so I was presumed he would stay out of the lap and let me past.

“He admitted to seeing me but still pulled onto the racing line and slowed the car down, ultimately asking for an accident. If it was me I would have backed out of throttle on the back straight. You have to respect the decision of steward but that doesn’t mean you have to accept it.

“We will move on now and focus on qualifying.”

Turning his attention to qualifying, Goff is realistic as to what can be achieved with 66kgs of success ballast on board his MG6 GT.

He admitted: “If I can get a top ten in qualifying then I would be very happy. It is a big lump of ballast that we are carrying around.

“We are comparing ourselves to Matt Neal, who has the same weight, and we can see by the times that it is very close.”

PHOTO CREDIT: Matt Sayle Photography