BTCC Crazy Moments – Neal & Plato Special: Part 1

This week, Michael Passingham brings you another themed set of BTCC videos from a classic BTCC rivalry.

Prost and Senna. India and Pakistan. Celtic and Rangers. Plato and Neal?

Perhaps their rivalry is not up there with some of the great sporting clashes of our generation, but certainly for BTCC fans, there is nothing quite like that sense of inevitability when Matt Neal and Jason Plato occupy the same piece of tarmac. Sometimes they manage to stay out of each other’s way. Sometimes not so much. But you’ll have to go back a long way where neither of them were firm rivals for the overall championship, hence why we see so much action when they come together.

This edition of ‘moments’ is a two-parter, so we’re going to start off with some of their earlier incidents. First up: 2005, Knockhill. It’s wet, and Yvan Muller is creating a ‘Trulli Train’ due to a fault with his car. The cork’s about to come out of the bottle, and Jason and Matt are first on the scene:

Next up, one of ┬átheir most (in)famous incidents. It’s Snetterton 2006, and both the weather and tempers are hot. Things are about to get a whole lot more heated:

Finally for this week, we  head to Hampshire for the Thruxton rounds of the 2007 season. Jason Plato has the pace, but he has to figure out a way to get past his rival:

Next week, we’ll be looking at some more contemporary incidents, including another Snetterton moment, and a bit of attempted fisty-cuffs. Be notified when it arrives by finding us on Facebook or Twitter. Or both!

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